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Russian software development company

We deliver custom applications, software development services, open source software integration, and help organizations drive agility.

Services we provide

enterprise solutions development

We have deep expertise in the various industries, and provide development on Java or Ruby.

open source software integration

Full advantage of collaborative software development which makes open-source software more flexible, stable and cost-effective than commercial products.

web oriented development

We offer full spectrum of web oriented services development covering all web-related business needs you may have like custom web applications development, customization, and external system integration.

Style of work

no false promises

We'll never promise something we know we can't deliver.. If our experience tells us that a project has serious flaws, we will advise you against it.

best practices

We use Agile methods. The way we work is based on collaboration and communication. We work fast, with constant testing and feedback loops to ensure that the software works and does the job you need it to. The focus is always on delivering business value and working, usable, software to the users.


We understand the importance of secrecy of our clients´ confidential information. Key areas of our protection policy and project confidentiality include Non-Disclosure Agreements(NDA) with Client to ensure the security and confidentiality of information.
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