3 Text Message Marketing Tactics That Increase Sales

Text messages are the perfect tool to reach your ideal customers. But what can you write to win the interest of new potential clients and not lose loyal customers? Every single day, you have the opportunity to convert hundreds of first visitors and lure back old buyers with new marketing strategies that work!

Today, you can send text sweepstakes and insert links to websites that provide social proof. Of course, you will need a service like Textedly that ties things together nicely. But let’s see all three tactics one at a time to understand better how you can implement them for profit!

1 – Text Sweepstakes

Who does not like free stuff?

These days, businesses set up text sweepstakes to arrange raffles and deliver prizes. These contests are fantastic because they let you create partnerships with sponsors and other companies. And at the same time, people join in and participate for a chance to win.

You can plan a contest for free thanks to several platforms like or Woobox.

Pro Tip: when sending out text sweepstakes, be sure to ask customers to share the link on social media for maximum exposure!

2 – Web Review Platforms

Unlike text sweepstakes, websites that provide social proof exploit the customers’ need for leaving feedback and messages to other people in the hope that they will do the same so they can never miss a great deal or waste money on bad products and services.

Encouraging your customers to leave feedback will make them aware that you value their opinions.

You can also claim the pages on those sites and reply to the customers’ comments to thank them for their business. Generally, this simple trick strengthens the brand perception from the buyer’s perspective.

Pro Tip: Never avoid replying to customers that write a bad review. However, do not copy and paste formatted replies. Address the issue at hand and let the customer know you can fix the problem or provide further support.

3 – Managing It All With Automated Software

When it comes to text message marketing, it is a surprising fact that most business owners do everything manually. That is just INSANE!

Sites like Textedly offer a more manageable alternative that you need to try ASAP.

You can create:

  • appointments remainders
  • custom messages that include the customer’s name
  • emergency alerts
  • flash deals
  • shout-outs

Pro Tip: Start the free trial period once you have set a new text message marketing campaign. Your earnings will cover the monthly fee, ensuring more profits over the long term!