4 SMS Marketing Strategies that Can Benefit Your Business

If you’re planning on harnessing the marketing potential that SMS advertising offers, you need to be precise and more strategic. There are numerous wittier ways to convince your subscribers to stay put in your SMS marketing campaign. But it takes a keen eye and a creative mind to craft them to your advantage. This article clues you up on the best SMS marketing strategies you can use to shift the marketing advantage to your side.

1. New Product Arrivals

Product arrival alerts can help drive enormous traffic to your sales pages, and so, create message alerts and broadcast them vastly, as soon as possible. That brings them up to speed with how your inventory is fairing and whether your business is coping with the trend. Nonetheless, you should limit your texts, so it doesn’t appear like you’re spamming your subscribers. You could tag your readers along with a few coupons and discounts as an incentive to encourage engagements.

2. Flash Sales

Try giving your loyal subscribers the first peek into your flash sales before pinning them publicly for everyone else. That’s an ideal way of showing how appreciative you’re to them and that you put them first. You can curate short SMS texts using proficient services, including Textedly, to give them the heads up while letting them know they’re a priority. That creates a sense of trust and belief in your loyalty program, and perhaps, it’ll make them reconsider their decision to quit if they think of it.

3. Welcome Texts

Once every subscriber opts into your loyalty program, it’s good that you send them a heartwarming text, offering your sincere appreciation. You can also go the extra mile, offering discounts on initial purchases as a token of appreciation to join your band. That’ll not only make you come through as professional but keep them around for as much as you make them feel needed.

4. Participation in Surveys

You could offer an honest assessment program, allowing your customers and loyal followers to evaluate your business. Therefore, keep it open, and the participants should be of free will rather than coercion. If your loyal subscribers can open up and assess you, it’ll give you a clue of how your loyalty program is doing. That can be practically essential since it offers you some viable ideas on the opportunities to capitalize on and the problem areas to deal with.


Being strategic with your SMS marketing campaign can work miracles, allowing you to run your loyalty programs swiftly. Besides, it offers you a competitive advantage, and perhaps racking you enormous sales as a result. Hopefully, this article will help you capitalize on the strategies available at your disposal.