Advocating for Injured Santa Ana Workers in their Rights to Settlement

Injuries in the workplace are not uncommon. They can be minor or severe, with long-lasting implications on your wages and health. During the course of regular occupational activities, you may experience a wide range of job-related injuries or health complications. While trips, slips, and falls are commonplace, access to accurate and detailed knowledge of workers’ rights to compensation may be less so. If you, or someone you know, has been injured at work, or is suffering from a work-related illness, then you’re going to want to enlist the services of a workers’ compensation lawyer to assist you in achieving a fair settlement.

California operates under a no-fault workers’ compensation law. This means that you need not prove your injuries are related to your employment, only that they occurred during the course of it. If you are an employee in the State of California, then your employer is required under section 3700 of the California Labor Code to provide you with workers’ compensation. Whether your injuries are the result of a single event or repeated exposure, you should be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. The five types of benefits available cover medical care, temporary disability, permanent disability, job displacement, and death. A workers’ compensation attorney is your guide to navigating the often complex claims process and to defending you against any counter claims made by an employer or insurance carrier.

A workers’ compensation attorney is your ally in ensuring you receive the maximum amount of benefits you are entitled to in accordance with the severity, duration, and consequences of your injury. Finding the best legal advocate for you is a very personal choice and one that should take into account their experience, past results, and a trusted individual rapport. If you’re looking to do your own research to assist you when searching for the right fit of attorney, The California Department of Industrial Relations has a useful online portal where you can access information about workers’ compensation.

California Work Injury Law Centre is a boutique law firm providing a workers compensation attorney Santa Ana and the surrounding areas. The firm operates on a no-win no-fee contingency basis. CWILC sole attorney, Rae Saedeghian, has extensive experience in the field of compensation law. Her passion in advocating for injured workers and those fighting discrimination and wrongful termination is informed by her counter experience representing insurance carriers in employer defense claims. Contact a representative at the CWILC for your free consultation today.