Signs That You Need a Root Canal Treatment

Whenever you’re experiencing sharp, severe pain in a tooth, you should make a trip to your dentist a priority. That’s because sudden pain that doesn’t go away with painkillers and keeps you up at night is usually the first telltale sign that there’s something wrong with the dentin or the pulp chamber. Unlike the tooth enamel which you can see, these layers of the tooth are not visible to you when you look in the mirror but they can get inflamed and cause pain, among other symptoms. Pain gets severe when the pulp chamber is affected because the pulp is composed of an abundant vascular supply, nerve fibers, and cells.. If this is the case, then you most likely need a root canal.

Failure to get proper root canal treatment in a timely manner could result in losing your tooth. If you are a Longueuil, QC resident and you need an experienced root canal specialist, you should consider a top-rated Longueuil dental clinic such as Avenue Sourire that has a proven track record of providing quality dental care, including endodontic treatments. Dr. Aoude and dr. Amiri have performed more than 1,200 successful root canal treatments, so rest assured that you are in the best hands.

Severe pain is typically a sign of severe inflammation and pus formation in the pulp chamber. Other signs that you need a root canal include increased sensitivity to hot and cold, swelling and discoloration in the gums ( you may notice a pimple-like swelling on your gums), and cheek swelling on one side ( this indicates that the pulpal disease has progressed to a periapical tooth abscess and only a root canal can save your tooth). The trusted and experienced Longueuil dentists at Avenue Sourire Centre Dentaire recommend undergoing a root canal procedure not only to relieve your symptoms but equally important, to prevent loss of your affected tooth and preserve its natural aesthetic.

Other benefits of a root canal include preserving your natural bite, minimizing the need for additional dental care, and preventing infection from spreading. It’s also worth noting that following a root canal,, the best dentists recommend having a dental crown placed on top of the treated tooth to protect and strengthen it. If you’ve noticed any of the aforementioned signs, it’s in your best interest to get in touch with Avenue Sourire as soon as possible.